Copywriting requires flexibility and a readiness to adapt to any brand and every copywriter has his own style and strengths. This is where you can learn more about mine.

You can also see some of my work, learn a bit about my approach, decide if we should work together, and get in touch with me when you’re ready. Here’s what I do or can help you do:


  • Website Content
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO Writing
  • Technical Writing

  • Information Architecture
  • Content Strategy
  • Adaptive Content
  • Content Migration



Past and present work – here you can have a look at some of the projects I’ve contributed to. All of the websites are listed in a rough chronological order from most recent to a bit older. To learn more about the individual projects and what I did for them, click on the logo and enjoy a good old-fashioned slideshow.


Mark Garrison

Homepage for Mark Garrison’s high-end Manhattan hair salon.


Mac-based digital signage and multi-touch solutions provider.


Mediatektur creating trade show stands for Deutsche Telekom.


Web presence for large-scale art project by Francesco D’Isa.

Uni Münster

English Department of the Westfalische Wilhelms-Universität Münster.


Developer of dynamic search and newsfeed technologies.


Düsseldorf-based fashion reseller specializing in UK wares.

Byte Dept.

Homepage for Manhattan-based web and app design agency.


Mobile food vendor scheduling tool with iPhone app.


Portfolios are made for highlighting gleaning examples of past projects in the hopes of finding more work, though they rarely give a good impression of someone’s overall approach. Since you asked so nicely, here are some of the usual thoughts that have a party in my head while I’m doing your content.


Content Strategy

Internet copy is not static and that’s a good thing. The fun part is the ability to change the content quickly. To do this though, there should be a general plan for content that will mostly likely run parallel to your business goals. Stay flexible, have a plan.

Marketing Demographic

This usually comes from you but understanding it can go a long way towards better content. Virtually every website markets an idea, concept, brand, product, good morals or cat gifs to a certain group of people. Know the market, have an approach.



It’s not always what the copy is saying, it’s also how the copy is saying it and how consistently. Developing a ‘voice’ for copy means that the style is highly recognizable while still fulfilling all communication requirements. Say it once, say it well.


Long-winded website texts are as likely to capture your attention as much as long-winded people. Making sure that each element of the content is expressed with the appropriate amount of copy makes everything more enjoyable. Less is more.



Projects that make use of my strong international experience are particularly interesting to me. The Internet lets everyone have a look at what you’re doing and it’s always a good idea to make sure it makes sense to them. Think local, present global.


Content that’s easier to find is more likely to be read. SEO is a great way to get there but good content will make sure that people stay there and figure out what you’re all about and why it’s good for them. A good tool to support great content.



Do we need to meet?

Probably not. I’m currently based in Berlin, Germany and we should be able to clear things up by telephone and some emailing without having to travel to one another, saving us both time and money. I am an online copywriter after all.

What do you need to know before you start?

All kinds of stuff. Good project briefs get the best results. Knowing more about you and your project makes it easier for me to to think like someone who could become interested in it. I’ll be sure that you have the opportunity to make your project understood.


Why do you talk about content and copy?

Copy is the actual words and content is the concept that gives those words and ideas structure. I’m very much interested in both. Static copy rarely does the trick these days and having a good content strategy can really save you a headache, and a lot of re-writes for that matter, down the road. Making sure the two like each other is what I do.

Are you a translator?

Sí, pero no. I have plenty of translation and localization experience and am fluent in several languages thanks to my education and living abroad. Translation is not the main focus of what I do here but I’ll be more than happy to explore any ideas you may have and help you find the right ideas and people to internationalize your project.


Do you work cheap/free?

No, but content is perfect examples of getting what you pay for and I like to do good work. I’m fair and my rates correlate to my experience and the amount of effort that I put into any job I accept. Working with people and businesses that value their projects’ content is important to me. I’m sure we’ll be able to find a solution that’s comfortable for both of us.

Are you available for long term work?

I prefer it. Long term work helps us build a good working relationship and helps me to understand your project better. Of course I understand that even the best made plans can hit a snag and am willing to jump in for pressing (or even behind schedule) work and make sure that it gets done well and as soon as possible.


How long will it take?

Time me! It depends on the size of the project but I like to work fast and get some drafts to you so we can really hone in on the message you’re trying to get across. Projects have different time tables and we can work that out before we get the ball rolling.

Why isn’t my question here? 

I’m glad you asked that. You should send me an email and find out the answer to that and any other questions you may have.



Questions, comments, ready for that coffee?

If you’re ready to get in touch with me, just shoot me an email or give me a call. I can also send you more work examples or a formal résumé if that’s what you’re after. I’m currently based in Berlin so be sure to take that time difference into account before you call.

+49 176 202 57 059